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About Laser Mark's Company

Founded in 1988 to fulfill the growing needs of the Silicon Valley, Laser Mark's Company offers more than just a marking service. Laser Mark's Company's goal has always been to be the source of solutions to technical production requirements. We apply the right technology from our multiple laser systems to mark, etch, engrave, micro drill, ablate or texture surfaces.

Our 25 years of operation have enabled us to develop proprietary recipes for most standard and exotic materials. Our experience with our wide customer base has taught us the special knowledge to control depth, minimize burning, and initiate controlled oxidation.

In our quest to stay at the leading edge of technology, we have utilized nearly a dozen differ laser sources over our two and a half decades. Laser Mark's Company is now the only Northern California shop to offer the new MOPA Pulse Fiber lasers. These single pass amplifiers allow precision application of just the right energy density with widely adjustable pulse times, rates, and speeds

We work diligently with our customers to help them grow to their full potential. Furthermore, some processes can not be taken out of the factory. For this reason Laser Mark's Company builds specialized marking systems to your technical requirements with capabilities not available from an “off the shelf” machine. We design Class IV systems and components which are easily converted by end users into Class I production tools, often fully integrated into their assembly lines.

The key is laser process and production knowledge. We at Laser Mark's Company are here to help you grow your business