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Promotional Items

  • group1Engraved Knives are just one example of laser customization
  • group1Low cost Plastic Pen Engrave
  • group1Laser Mark's is proud to Deep Knife Engraving combat knives for our troops at NO CHARGE
  • group1Wedding Invitations on Nickel Plated Aluminum
  • group1YOYO manufacturing
  • group1Hi Res flashlight
  • group1Wave Form Colors on Nickel plated steel luggage tag without WF0
  • group1iPad Promotional engraving
  • group1Wood Marking on cutting board. Any LOGO or Text

IC Marking

  • group1On plastic showing very fine characters on 3mm square QFN packages - Depth of mark is less than 25 microns
  • group1Chip Marking in arrrays on Laser Mark's Company custom trays for SOIC SOG and SOJ
  • group1Strip and Remark of previous mark replace with new text
  • group1Gold coating on ceramic substrates wihout harming sub surface connections
  • group1Ceramic Chip marking dark or light using MOPA Wave Forms

Coating Removal

  • group1Hard Anodize Bleaching using high kHz and gentle MOPA laser pulses
  • group1Thick coating over cast aluminum removed with moderate pulses from standard MOPA with deep field optics
  • group1Removal of insulation on contacts with high kHz WF1-95 showing polishing effect as well as film removal
  • group1Thick paint over steel both cleans away the paing while deeply etching using multiple passes of a Single Mode MOPA
  • group1Removal of plastic insulation on copper with both an etch and cleaning pass as different wave forms from a higher mode MOPA

Precision Micro Etching, Cutting, and Engraving Production

  • group1Volume Production of arrays with automatic serialization
  • group1Precision Target Burned onto thin Steel without distortion
  • group1Micro Marking with high contrast and no surface damage
  • group1Precision Micro Etching of 250 micron Aluminum, Cut from a single piece
  • group1Precision deep etch of Silver and white colorization using Wave Forms