Rapidly Developed Custom Laser Systems

Process Development – Pre-Production – Automation

Design Philosphy

We begin with function and then select components from a tight circle of leading equipment providers that will fit within a customer budget. Obtaining OEM pricing allows us to focus on developing the critical laser parameters and teaching their use to your professionals.

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This is such a great lab, really nice guys and they certainly know what they are doing. Mark is an awesome guy, super knowledgeable all things laser and over 20 years of experience. Their pricing is very very reasonable and the laser machines are just WOW!!! Highly recommend them for any laser projects.

Jonny V, San Jose, CA

“If you need top-notch experience and expertise with laser technology and integration, Mark is unparalleled in speed, flexibility, and knowledge. Highly recommended for bespoke and novel projects!”

Austin Newman

“In Silicon Valley, things move at the speed of light and MrLaser was the only one who was able to keep pace with our product development needs. They were able to build us a custom, fully integrated system with unique software controls and support our first product builds in just a few short months. I highly recommend Mark and his team for your laser processing needs.”      

Mr. Smith, Chief Engineer Automotive OEM X

“MrLaser is our “GoTo” laser guy for developing systems for medical and industrial applications.”


Bob S. and Justin E. , Advanced Systems Integrator

“Mark and I have deployed over 25 successful high precision vision guided medical device laser welders over the last 10 years. Mark is always fun and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Lasermarks when designing your first system. ”


Justin Eckhardt, Director Automated Inspection Systems, Saber Engineering

Laser Application Services

The technology leader in Laser Processing Services since 1988 with access to the largest knowledge base of laser material process.

Laser Consulting for Laser Solutions

Decades of machine and process development for a multitude of industrial laser and production applications has provided tools to solve your production needs.