MrLaser has updated our table top system Model 2016-1064T for more industrial users.

We are now offering a version which increase the working area of the enclosure to 16” wide,  20″ high while still keeping the depth at 10”.   This change allows for the use of a 150mm travel stage for processing larger units.  And the stage can hold 22 lbs with a focusing accuracy within 25 microns.    Air flow is designed to draw away from the work and laser lens by utilizing an inventive venting system beneath the scan head in addition to the corner vent.    This provides a much cleaner work space even under constant use.  As before the controller, laser, power supplies, and power distribution relays are mounted firmly in a compact space. And can be provided in a cart (as before) or in a small 19 inch rack cabinet as shown int he following photo.

The unit shown is equipped with a MrLaser Inc designed video beam splitter in such a manner as to minimize the extension of the input optics.   Unlike competitor offerings, the MrLaser, Inc. splitter utilizes a HOT mirror which provides a 10% power improvement over the simpler COLD mirror units.      The video output is displayed with user friendly software that allows high magnification as well as custom designed cross-hairs for targeting.  Note the spots shown on the output are only 25 microns in diameter. The video display is shown next to the applications GUI in one photo and the compact video splitter is shown in the other

While we will still offer the smaller chamber for use at trade shows and consumer malls, we believe the larger enclosure version will address the needs of a wider variety of users.