Mark Brodsky is nicknamed MrLaser because he has spent decades helping Scientists, Engineers, Technicians, and Operators understand how to easily control computer based laser systems.

Our customers become successful quickly because we don’t force users to learn cookie cutter software that adds unneeded complexity.  We select the appropriate   level of industry control software and even customize front end operator interfaces.  Users become confident to perform their tasks in as little as two days and receive 3 months of immediate phone help.

We can do this because we build rock solid machines that are virtually maintenance free, (you do though have to dust) and the software has straight forward connections to complex motion, vision, and pattern recognition capabilities.  We build upon top of the line laser software and add our own custom applications as needed for the desired level of industrial control.

We also teach people the benefits of MOPA laser and the use of the many available pulse energies called Wave Forms.   These are the magic of this exciting new laser technology because it allow even novice users to fine tune the laser processes.

And we are on the leading edge of advanced battery technology, welding dissimilar metals.  We teach the theory as well as setting the parameters which user   expand into new products.  Our consultations begin with phone interviews to determine if you need process development, a factory visit, or full systems designs.

We are here for your success.  And we have an established reputation we are proud of.

Please call with questions for Mark his team and we can discuss how best to develop a solution that fits your needs.

The Team

Our Mr Laser Group Inc Team in addition to the resources and development systems at Laser Mark’s Company LLC and the production capabilities at MrLaser Inc

Mark Brodsky

 President and CTO

  • 15 years of Semiconductor Packaging Engineering

  • 30 years of Laser Applications Development


Electronic Component Design

  • Software Development

  • Hardware Interface

  • Multiple Hardware Platforms

  • Working with LMco since 1991


Enclosure Design and Manufacturing

  • Working with LMco since 2006


GM of Laser Mark’s Company

  • Working with LMco since 2003


Laser Technician LMco

  • Working with LMco since 2008

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Our Industrial Associates

MrLaser Inc has worked with and integrated equipment from the following world leaders in manufacturing technology. We have very strong working relationships with the technical teams at the following:

Laser Sources

  • SPI Lasers

  • IPG Lasers

  • Synrad Laser

  • Newport-Spectra Lasers

Beam Steering Devices

  • ScanLabs

  • Faro-Nutfield

  • Cambridge

  • Lincoln Polygon

  • Raylase Weldmark


  • Saber Engineering, Medical Device

  • Owens Design, Energy Systems

  • Accel Biotech, Medical Technology

Motion Systems

  • Zaber Technolgies

  • Bell-Everman

  • Aerotech

  • Modu Systems

  • Japan Electric

Laser Control Systems

  • Lanmark Controls WinLase Maestro


  • Nutfield WaveRunner Pipeline

  • SPICE Weldmark

  • Faro

  • Novartis