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Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy starts with function which then defines form within the constraints of funding,  We select components  from a tight  circle of leading equipment providers that will fit within a customer budget. We have utilized motion control systems from five different providers,  Optical-mechanical systems are selected from 9 other vendors.  We have used the same enclosure builder for 13 years.  This focus on excellence provides us with the best OEM pricing which provides more bang for our customer’s buck.

Small or Large… Systems Built To Suit Customer Demands

And Wait… There’s More

Mr Laser is now  the exclusive west coast distributor of the Optiic Tech Table Top line of MOPA laser built into a functional flexible enclosures. We import this system as Class IV and upgrade the machine to US FDA CDRH Class I standards.  It has many options for optics and lasers for Mr Laser to configure for specific needs.

This processing station is designed for moderate duty and comes with a 1 year warranty.  As part of the service, Mr Laser provides hands on training as well as consulting services to make this lower cost system achieve customer needs.

This Table Top line compliments our higher end production machines at a price all can afford.

And it comes with our tremendous knowledge base of laser parameter that will make even the novice user mark like a professional.

How Can We Help?

All systems quoted will include dust control, digital focus adjustment, integrated I/O and will include FDA CDRH registration for Class I safety